Mora Motorworks announces the sale of its Rat Rod Riff-Raff Engine, as seen in Rat Rod Magazine.  That’s
right, now you can own your own copy of the official
Rat Rod Magazine’s 2011 Tour Rat Motor, as shown in
issue #7.  This motor can be purchased for years of trouble-free enjoyment in your own rat. This is a reliable, tire-
burning, cheap gas-sipping (87 octane unleaded), dyno-proven powerhouse to motivate your own personal
creation.  Order yours today at our low price of $2699.00.
This motor can also be seen powering the Mora
Motorworks ‘37 Chevy shop truck. Feel free to stop us
and ask questions if you see it on the road or at a show.
Steve Thaemert Jr., editor of Rat Rod Magazine, had this to say about the Rat Rod
Riff-Raff Engine in the Tour Rat
Mora Motorworks built us an engine that completely
exceeded our expectations. It had some pop, looked cool, ran like a fricken horse - and
clocked in at over 20mpg. It was THE perfect engine for us. I'd run that engine from one
end of the earth to the other and not think twice about it.

During the Tour Rat build stage, Mora Motorworks not only built us a kick-ass engine, but
went above and beyond to make sure it was exactly what we needed and was set up
properly. We couldn't have found a better partner to power our most precious asset